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Where is the next Marie Curie?

Marie Curie became successful despite countless adversaries. Still today, we lack of female scientists. This webinar puts light on the systemic challenges and gives ideas of what could be done.

Verlag: T³ Europe

Herausgeber: Ian Galloway

Autor: Christine Buerki

Fach:  Mathematik  Physik  Chemie

Schlagwörter  SDG 5: Gender Equality ,  Sharing Inspiration 2022

Marie Curie, born on the 7th of November in Warsaw, is perhaps the most famous female scientist in history. But she was by no mean the only one. There have been many women who have contributed to today’s knowledge in STEM.

In this webinar, not only we want to point out her scientific achievements, which are widely known, but will focus on the fact, that we are still lacking women in STEM research.

We will roll up the broader context of the oppression of women during the last few centuries. Nothing will change substantially in the future if society is not willing to turn upside down some very strong beliefs, attitudes and habits concerning the role of women.

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